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สูตรเล่น สล็อต ปลาทอง

The Australian Association for the Teaching of English (AATE) is a national professional association established and supported by state and territory English teaching associations.

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  • AATE Publication Proposals

    10th Dec 18

    AATE welcomes proposal submissions from authors and editors of potential AATE print and digital publications. AATE also welcomes the possibilities offered by partnerships with other organisations including partnership projects between AATE and state and territory ETAs and other publishers, other professional teaching associations and other government, non-government and commercial bodies engaged in the publication and marketing of professional materials across a range of print and digital platforms.

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  • SBS Learn supports study of global refugee crises

    22nd Oct 18

    New education resources for documentary series,
    Go Back To Where You Came From LIVE

    SBS has released new educational resources to coincide with the return of documentary series Go Back To Where You Came From Live, which takes the pulse of the evolving global refugee crisis in real time in SBS’s most ambitious television event to date.

    The new resources provide a classroom guide to contextualising the global refugee crisis and encourage consideration of the issue from a range of perspectives. Developed in partnership with the Australian Red Cross, the resources are...

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English in Australia

The journal of the Australian Association for the Teaching of English (AATE)

Volume 53 no 3 is available now.

Members of ACTATE, ETANT, SAETA and TATE can access the full text versions of recent editions on this website.

EinA Full Text

Members of ETANSW, ETAQ, ETAWA and VATE members can access recent editions via their ETA website.

ETA weblinks

The full back catalogue of 'English in Australia' from Vol 1 (1965) can be found at Informit.


State & Territory English Teaching Associations